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Curly House

Project type

CDC + DA, Northern Beaches Council




Curl Curl

Floor area

195 sqm


A Cut Above Constructions


Roody Parikh

Landscape Design


Curly House is a significant alterations and additions project to an original California Bungalow, one of the oldest in Curl Curl. The design intent was to juxtapose a separate modern form in contrasting colours, to delineate new from old. The dark box rear addition is visually recessive, which respects and celebrates the modest form of the original home. Internally, the palette is calm and consistent throughout, creating a timeless family haven on a single level. A primary focus of the design, being a south facing block, was to utilise skylights and high-level glazing to create year round access to daylight. The north facing windows of the living pavilion work hard alongside the roof eave, which has been set to provide full shade in summer yet allow deep solar penetration in winter to passively warm the polished concrete floor in the cooler months. A lush coastal garden of a mixture of natives and tropical plants, and a curved Spotted Gum batten fence complete the exterior house and address the presentation to the street of this corner block.

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